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If there are two things I know about from working in the industry for five years, it’s hostels and social media! 

Find out how to take simple steps to helps you make the most of your online presence and profile, using the least amount of resources possible, to sell more beds every night in your hostel.

In the Easy Social Media for Hostels course you will get:

  1. Exclusive back to basics advice on how to master Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube to promote your hostel.
  2. A fool-proof 5-point action plan of what to do next for every platform. 
  3. An in-depth review of 30 accounts that are excelling on social media right now.
  4. Top tips on how to drive traffic to your website from social media. 
  5. 7 ideas per platform on how you can generate booking.

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Easy Social Media for Hostels