Everywhere I look in the hostel world hostels are making the most ridiculous mistakes that will be costing them bookings and reputation. I’ve written the Easy Social Media for Hostels Course to help you optimise your social media efforts to get as many bookings as possible. Buy the course and you can work your way through it at your own speed and in your own time, that’s the beauty of an eBook.

Your social media output is a way to generate, provoke and get involved in the conversation around your hostel, hostels in general and other local businesses that may benefit from your customers. Most importantly, social media is also a way to drive people back to your website and to get booking.

I’m exactly the right person to help you with this – my travel expertise has been featured in the following publications and websites for starters.

Easy Social Media for Hostels

More about me

Easy social media for hostels

I’m Vicky. Some people know me online as VickyFlipFlop from my travel and festival blog at vickyflipfloptravels.com, and others will know me from my work with HostelBookers.com and gapyear.com. Either way I’m an expert in my field: travel, content and social media. I’ve worked in the industry for more than five years and travelled in it for ten.

Here are 10 facts about me to give you faith in the fact that I’m here to help. Together we’ll come up with a plan to ensure you promote your hostel better across social media and get heads on beds.

  1. I was the Content Editor at HostelBookers for two years. The hostel profiles and lack of self-promotion I saw there is what inspired me to create this site and book.
  2. I also worked as the Content and Social Media Manager at gapyear.com and roundtheworldexperts.co.uk. I spent all day inspiring and advising a new generation to travel, through the site and our social media channels.
  3. At gapyear.com and roundtheworldexperts.co.uk I managed over 40k+ Facebook fans, 14k+ Twitter followers, 500+ Instagram followers and a gap year community of 60,000+.
  4. I’m currently travelling the world and staying in hostels as I go.
  5. Having travelled around Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, I’ve stayed in many hostels of varying quality, but I believe all have something to show off about.
  6. I have a Distinction National Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute.
  7. I also have a BA Hons in Communication Studies with Journalism, and an NCTJ and PTC accredited National Diploma in Magazine Journalism.
  8. I love travel, I love hostels, and it makes me really sad when I see a hostel not realising its potential online.
  9. I personally have over 14,000 followers on Twitter, 1200 on Facebook and almost 3000 on Instagram.
  10. If you still doubt my skills check out my site at victoriaphilpott.com to find out even more, and check my credentials on my LinkedIn profile too.